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Davit Giorgadze is a Georgian artist born in Tbilisi in 1996, currently based in Berlin. His work includes photography, mixed media, drawings and collages. He started working with experimental media at the age of 13, fascinated by anatomy, philosophy and art house movies.

His work is based on character study and observation. Exploring their culture, purpose, sensibilities and trying to give a voice and visibility to the characters that have inimitable and important stories to tell.

Referencing personal childhood memories, and reflecting on current political climate while visualising it through his symbolisms and highlighting history and poetry of his subjects. Trying to find a reinterpretation of given labels for individuals and what is their purpose in society’s existing norms.

The lack of diversity and huge social inequality growing up in Georgia was the main reason for him to start documenting people in different social environments first in his home country and then elsewhere.

His editorial publications include : Acne Paper, Another Man, Interview, Masses, T Magazine China, Vogue +

His commercial clients include : Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Mugler, Loewe, Saint Laurent and Versace.

Selected Exhibitions : 2021 - ‘Air of Uncertainty’ 416 Saint Honoré - Paris, France 2020 - ‘Unseen Heritage’ The National Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia 2019 - ‘Hotel Europa’ Open Space - Tbilisi, Georgia 2018 - ‘One Thing Leads to Another’ Aesthetik 01- Berlin, Germany 2016 - ‘Us and Them’ Parallel - Vienna, Austria